Reasons Why Chatbots are Beneficial to Hotel Industry

chatbot in hotel
Hotel Industry is a highly competitive field with lots of luxurious as well as budget hotels and resorts opening day by day. To stay on top of the competition and to stay ahead of others is one of the toughest challenges in the hotel industry. Therefore, the hotel industry is trying to redefine themselves with the changing times and changing demands by customers. 

Using the latest technologies, the hotel industry is working hard to deliver the best experience possible for the customers. One of the most significant trends that took the hotel industry by storm is the invention of chatbots. Chatbots helps to interact with the customers naturally just like a human. It helps to deliver automated customer support and interactive experience to the customers 24/7. 

Benefits of Chatbots in Hotel Industry 

  • Less Dependent on Travel Agencies

Hotels and resorts have a higher dependency on travel agencies and other third party agencies for hotel bookings directly and indirectly. Chatbots can helps hotels to increase their business directly. Customers can start communicating with hotels directly through official websites and social media sites rather than booking through travel agencies. As more customers are inclined to do their research and bookings themselves, the presence of chatbot helps customers to contact and inquire about the reservations, accommodation facilities, rates etc directly.

  • Building Customer Loyalty 

Most of the customers will be at the mercy of the travel agencies hoping that those travel agencies will help to get the accommodation facilities that the customer is looking for. With chatbots, the customers can contact the hotels directly and enquire about the type of accommodation facilities. Hotels will be able to provide personalized treatment to all customers in all stages from booking to checkout. Chatbot also helps to do the follow-up and request feedback from the customers. This helps to increase customer engagement and enhance the customer experience and thereby building loyalty.

  • Lead Generation

The learning abilities and analytics of Ai powered chatbots can offer huge benefits to the hotel business. Chatbots can provide personalized recommendations based on customer behaviour and preferences. It can also help to reduce the bounce rate of the website by engaging customers and building loyalty. It can also help to reach tailor-made offers to the customers based on their preferences.

  • Best Channel for Handling Reservations

Chatbots is the best channel for handling hotel bookings online. The Ai powered chatbots can engage the enquiry visitors and helps to convert them into the business. Chatbots provide an overall personalized experience to the customers through interactive content, media etc.

  • Round the Clock Availability 

Unattended phone calls or messages to the hotel staff for enquiries can leave a very bad impression on the customer. Chatbots can help to resolve these issues by being available round the clock to attend the customer queries without any human intervention. Chatbots will be available 24/7 to assist the customer with their queries of reservations and other concerns with the information fed to them. Chatbots can notify the concerned department if any issue needs to be attended personally.

These are some of the benefits of chatbots in the hotel industry. Want to know more about how chatbots can bring profit to your hotel business, please visit

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