Essential Features of Grocery Delivery App

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The Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of online shopping. Most of the local businesses were unable to function normally during the lockdown as there was a huge drop down in the number of people visiting the stores for purchasing. This has led businesses to move online as more people started to purchase items online. Thanks to the internet, people started using on-demand delivery services to purchase groceries, books, and essential items online.

Among these on-demand delivery services, the most popular and demanding one is online grocery delivery services. Most of the stores selling groceries have moved online and this has caused a huge demand in the development of online grocery delivery apps. The development of the app is the most important and crucial part. 

Before you start your online grocery shopping business, you should make sure that your grocery delivery app should have these essential features.

There are mainly three separate types of apps for online grocery shopping based on the user. They are

  • Customer App
  • Admin App
  • Delivery App

 Customer App Features
Login & Profile page: This is the first step a customer has to go through after downloading the app. The app must provide a quick and easier sign-up and profile creation process. By providing the option for customers to log in through various social media accounts will be an added advantage.

Searching & Add to Cart Option: The user must be able to search and easily navigate through the pages. You can provide different segments and organize the items accordingly. It should also provide detailed information about the product, price, quantity, etc.

Users must be provided with a big add to cart option where they can add items to the cart that they wish to buy. It should also provide a feature to display the total value of the cart. There should also be an option to add, remove, or edit the items in the cart.

Scheduling: Scheduling a delivery is an essential feature for a grocery app. Customers want to purchase grocery items fresh and they can schedule an order beforehand.

Payment gateway: Once the order is placed, the customer must be able to pay for the items ordered through the payment gateway. Rather than having a single payment gateway, the app should provide multiple payment gateways which makes the shopping process easier for customers. It allows customers to choose their favourite payment method.

Tracking: Customers should be able to track the progress of their orders in real-time. They should get real-time updates about the package till the order is delivered. There should be an in-app messaging feature for customers to contact the delivery person.
Feedback: This feature helps the customers to provide feedback and provide a review of the purchased items, service, etc.

Admin App Features

Content Management: This is an important feature of the admin app. This feature helps the vendors to manage the content of the customer app. The vendors can edit, delete and update the product details and add photos and keep the app up to date.

Order Management: This feature helps vendors to handle the orders. The vendors can provide and update the order status to customers in real-time.

Analytics: This feature helps admins to manage the financial accounts and keep track of the business revenue and sales. It should also provide information regarding the number of orders received, payment details, and other financial data.

Delivery App Features

Profile Management: Delivery persons should register themselves and complete the verification process to receive and deliver orders. You can add features that allow delivery persons to upload their verification details through the app.

Order Management & Status updates: This is where the delivery person can view the delivery requests and manage their orders. The delivery person can accept or reject the delivery requests based on their convenience. There should also be a feature in the app where they can accept multiple orders in the same area. Another must feature is the real-time updates of delivery and the in-app messaging feature to communicate with the customer directly.

Navigation & GPS: It is the most important feature in the delivery app. Here, the delivery person can use the navigation and GPS feature to find their destination very easily and make the delivery on time.

Delivery History: Here, the delivery person can view the entire order history, cancelled orders, the payment received, etc.

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