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Custom Mobile Applications
Custom Mobile Applications

Delivery Zone Management
Delivery Zone Management

Order & Delivery Management
Order & Delivery Management

Scheduled Doorstep Delivery
Scheduled Doorstep Delivery

Analytical & Robust Dashboard
Analytical & Robust Dashboard

Brand Promotional options
Brand Promotional options

Combo Deals on Products
Combo Deals on Products

Stock Management Option
Stock Management Option

customer grocery mobile app
Mobile App


grocery app admin
Service Provider
Web/Mobile App


grocery driver app
Delivery / Driver


Best Suitable For


Single store

One of the quickest ways to boost your business is to launch a new delivery app, and we have the best solutions.


Grocery market

Are you considering starting a new business with a low initial investment and a large profit margin? The best solutions are then grocery marketplace apps.


Grocery delivery chain

Starting a grocery delivery network with multiple locations will be the greatest alternative if you want to start your business in a new place with a low investment.

More Features

Grocery Delivery App Features

Live Location

Customers and managers can track the movement of drivers in real time.

Schedule Delivery

Customers will be able to pick their desired delivery time from a range of options.

Stock Management

The inventory will be updated in real time.


At the checkout screen, the app makes a recommendation of most sold goods or similar products.

Smart find

We made it simple to find needed products by implementing smart filtering and sorting options.

Multiple Addresses

Customers can save several addresses to the app and select them with a single click.

Review & ratings

Customers can add and view reviews and ratings for farms that they like.

Social Share

Users can share this app with their friends and family via social media.

Multi language

The app supports multiple languages, allowing users to use it in their native language.

Multiple currency

The app supports multiple currencies, allowing you to share across borders.

List of orders

They may get all finished and new orders with just a single click.

Delivery address

Accurate addresses are retrieved and shown to them via the map.


They can add and manage their accounts all by themselves.


They will be able to access their all-time earnings using the app with just one click.

Reviews and Ratings

Drivers can submit their personal reviews and ratings based on their own experiences.

Order rejections

Not all orders are intended to be completed; drivers have the authority to refuse orders for valid reasons.

User Management

Get control of your users on the app by accessing statistics, ratings and order history.

Store Management

Store management tools that allow you to successfully administer or manage your online shop.

Product Management

Add and manage images and details about your products using easy steps.

Delivery Zone management

Decide and add your desired delivery zones or limits to the app in a few simple steps.

Driver Commission

Fix your driver's commission percentage and update it in the app for smooth payment.


Add and manage the product categories that you sell through the app.

Featured Products

You can promote the most popular products or items to draw more attention to them.

Recommended products

You can draw greater attention to your recommendations by emphasizing them.

Coupon Management

You can create personalized coupons for instant reductions that can improve your sales.

Review and rating

Manage the reviews and ratings for your store and other stores that users have added.

Push notification

Personalized notifications for each consumer to entice them to use the app.


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