What do we offer?

We provide a one-of-a-kind smartphone application that allows you to start your own online learning empire. Even though such apps are becoming more common, the search for unique apps with the best features continues, and we are the best place to find them. We create the greatest e-learning applications that stand out from the competition. This allows teachers to perform their classes without interruption from pupils, among other benefits. Our applications make studying at any grade level as simple as sharing photos.


Our cool features



All students in a class can use the eFile option to store their assignments, projects, and other materials so that the teacher can conveniently check for and assess them from a single place.


Examination Module

Teachers can generate examination questions via the app, and students can take part in them.


Hand raise

If students want to interact in between classes, they can use the hand raise option. This ensures that there are no disruptions and that students can clear their doubts.



Teachers can write, draw, and place course content on the white board for a better understanding and teaching experience.

Best Suitable for

Single Institution

Single institution

For single institutions with several distinct features, so that they can successfully conduct their training via the application.



An app that allows schools to hold coaching sessions outside of the classroom. As a result, their students are able to attain the greatest results possible.



We have application that enables colleges to offer classes off campus and prepare their pupils for a brighter future. With a whole slew of extra features and functions.

More Features

E-Learning App Features

Social signup

Allows students to sign in to the app using their social network accounts.

Payment for courses and e learning plan

Students can choose from a variety of learning plan prices and make safe online payments.

Pick and view Available subjects

Students can select their required subject from a large range of options and enroll in classes.

Post questions and doubts

Students have the option of posting questions in between lessons for the teacher to respond to.

Multi Language

For students' ease of comprehension, our application supports multiple languages.

Push notifications

Students and teachers will receive personalized notifications, ensuring that they do not miss any classes or examinations.

Offline learning

Students can download course materials and use them to learn without using internet.

Social Share

Sharing the course content or details through social media, which make things easy for them.

Rate and Review

Students can leave feedback on each class, course, and content


Teachers can complete the app's registration process in a few simple steps.

Manage profile

Trainers can maintain their profile by adding an image and details to it, as well as editing it as needed.

Push Notification

Personalized push alerts to improve app engagement.

Schedule live classes

Trainers can organize live lessons and send reminders to their pupils.

Schedule Examinations

Trainers can schedule exams to ensure that they are completed on time.

View ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews from each student can be viewed, which can aid in self-evaluation & improvement.

Sort & answer queries posted by students

Teachers can sort the questions into multiple categories and then answer them instead of answering all of them.

Interact with students via text, audio or video

Our app allows you to communicate with students in three distinct ways, making your work easier.

Manage teachers and students

Admin is in charge of managing pupils and teachers.

Manage subject and courses

Admin can create/edit/delete subjects & courses, add further details, etc.

Student Info system

On the app, the administrator has access to each student's information and activity.

Manage exam and results

Exams and results can be managed by the administrator.

View reports and earning

The app's overall earnings and performance can be viewed by the administrator.

Push notifications

To keep teachers and students informed about upcoming events such as exams, course launches, and more.

Content management

The app's content can be managed by the administrator to improve the app's performance.

Manage language

Admin can add/edit/delete languages in the app.

Performance analytics

The app's performance analytics can be viewed by the administrator.


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