Plan to Build the Live Video Streaming Apps?

Rather than sitting in front of a computer, or using smartphones to chat, people like to interact with each other in real-time. There are many technologies out there like video chat where you can see people and interact with them. But how about interaction with a huge audience in real-time? Is that even possible? There are Youtube channels and vlogs where the broadcaster records the video and it is broadcasted later in the channels for people to watch. Is it even possible to record and broadcast simultaneously in real-time? The answer to that question is YES!

Live Video Streaming is a process of recording and broadcasting video in real-time where viewers can interact with the broadcaster. What makes the live video streaming looks cool is that you can engage with your users in real-time through the video and chats. It helps audiences to watch performances live without leaving their spaces.

Importance of Live Video Streaming Apps

If you take the present scenario, due to the ongoing pandemic situation, there are restrictions on activities, and travelling is not entertained. Therefore, people are pinned to their homes and suffering from boredom. How can they connect to their favourite celebrities, influencers, watch live content, endorse products, etc.?

Live Video streaming apps are the perfect solution for enterprises, celebrities, and influencers to connect with their audiences during these tough times. With the help of live video streaming apps, you can stay connected with the audiences in real-time. Using the app, you can stream live video from any web-cam equipped device like smartphones, PC, tablets.

Nowadays, TV channels are also live-streaming their programs through video streaming apps. Many social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube offer live video stream features. Celebrities, Influencers, Brands are using the live video stream feature to interact with their followers, do a live vlog, etc. Other than this, we also have the option of live game streaming where one can record playing games to a live audience.
Live Video stream app is important because people prefer to watch videos rather than reading long content online. It is more appealing and connects to the audiences very easily.  

Features of a Live Video Streaming App


One of the basic features of a live video streaming app is that users can register themselves using their mail ID or phone number. Users can sign in and sign off the app before and after using the app.

Personal Profile

Personal profile page of streamers’ which give basic information like name, username, location, interests, profile picture, etc.

Push Notifications

Streamers can notify their followers about the live stream before the event and all followers will be notified.  

Chat section in Live streaming

Broadcasters can interact with the users during the live streaming via the chat section. Audiences can drop their comments and streamers can reply to their comments during the live stream.  

Cloud Storage

Users as well as audiences can download videos to watch later. Streamers can download the video and add it to their profile.

Are you planning to build a live video stream app for your business or personal purposes? We can help you to build the best live video stream app that stands out from the rest. Contact us for more information regarding the live video streaming app development.

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